Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cranial Stooges

New addition to my art family: a set of 4 hominid skulls I bought at a recent art event. As an armchair anthropologist I recognized that whoever had made the skulls knew a little something about hominid evolution. 

I got in touch with the artist and found out that while he was living in Zambia as a teenager he had visited the Broken Hill Skull site where Homo heidelbergensis/rhodesiensis had been discovered—the first early human fossil found in Africa, and our most likely ancestor. Years later he decided to create skulls of hominids as yet to be discovered. He researched distinctive characteristics that actual hominid lines exhibited and then created these imaged species shaped by fictional habitats. 

Check out the prominent sagittal crests and flaring zygomatic arches for heavy chewing and the varying mandible and maxilla sizes. 

Since Iggy Pop was wandering the floor of the same art party, I figured I may as well name these guys The Stooges.

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