Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Will Baidu bring the Singularity/Skynet?

Last week I read about "Baidu Chinese search giant Baidu has stolen away the head of Google’s 'deep learning' project, dubbed 'Google Brain.' Andrew Ng is an artificial intelligence expert, Stanford professor and founder of online learning company Coursera…the 'holy grail' of these efforts is so-called 'autonomous AI.' That’s when computer systems will be able to learn on their own without the need for human intervention and training. Akin to the long-predicted 'singularity'" when people seed consciousnessor what appears to be consciousness, as we cannot properly define it and it likely does not exist as the magic we think it isin our manipulations. create become conscious, become undefined for our civilization, existence, or perhaps everything. For several years now I've though it would make sense for a major search engine to seed this.