Saturday, January 4, 2014

Toronto's Ice Quakes / "Cryoseisms"

On days like today I'm wondering what am I still doing hanging around Toronto. It's so damn cold I learned a new word today: cryoseism, or "ice quake".  

The whole Toronto region is hearing loud booms--sometimes like gunfire--as the water in soil and rocks expands into ice from the recent rapid temperature drop. 

Having studied chemical engineering, water is always surprising me, and now is startling my neighbours into calling the police. 

While I don't believe in anthropogenic global warming--as I've read far too much about astronomy to know that solar output and gravitation pulls from other bodies including Uranus are responsible for our planet's orbit and warmth, I am a supporter of doing whatever we can to heat the planet up more. 

Canada is actually one of the only countries that does not gripe about transitioning to a warmer planet; we perhaps have the most to benefit...just don't tell that to anyone from recently flooded Calgary.

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